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Kids are pretty scared of loud noises. Naturally a loud vacuum machine would scare the wits out of them. .tina. the designer of Buster is trying to put a stop to that fear. In her thesis for a project for Philips she came out with this magic called Buster, a kid-friendly and cool looking vacuum cleaner. Cleaning times can be made into a fun activity with your kids so that the grow up to like doing this chore (aye, sure! In your dreams!) When it’s time to vacuum the kids can easily ride-along since the Buster is designed with a built-in seat and handles that also gives it the appearance of a friendly snail-type creature. When the vacuum is not being used it doesn’t need to be put away but instead can be left out as a kid’s toy

Killing two birds with one stone, i.e. getting the house clean and the kids are occupied helping you, this concept is a runaway hit.
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