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As reported by Matsuyama Yasuyuki on Impress, Buffalo Japan has released their new ultra-thin portable hard drive coded as HD-PVU2.



So, you might have been wondering, how thin is the UltraSlim portable hard drive according to Buffalo standard? Base on information from Buffalo, the PVU2 has a mere 16mm in thickness. That is 6mm slimmer than the previous PFU2 mini station series’ hard drive, which occupied a 22mm thickness.



How about the power consumption? Japanese manufacturer are getting more awareness about less energy and better product performance these days, so does Buffalo.

According to benchmark test conveyed by Buffalo using MSI MS-7125 motherboard, AMD Athlon64 3200 +, DDR2 512MB, using Windows XP SP3 operating system, this 500GB PV500U2 need a mere 1.27watt for operation.

Another slim beauty for superb power efficiency contest!

Taking dimension of 81mm x 16mm x 130 mm, the external storage device has a USB 2.0 connectivity and the eco-Manager software that will automatically power down the hard drive when idling to save power. This series are available in black or white color options.

HD-PV320U2-WH/BK (320GB) = JPY10,000.- (approx. USD 106.67)
HD-PV500U2-WH/BK (500GB) =JPY14,600.- (approx. USD 93.48)

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