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I remember that when I was a little child I used to eat much more things that I do now, maybe because I didn’t know very well what I was eating. As the time passed by, I started to give up on lots of aliments and I ended up with limited possibilities. I’m not squeamish, but I just can’t stand some tastes and smells and I do my best when it comes to avoiding them.

For example, I can’t eat eggs, no matter how they’re cooked. And boiled eggs are the worst: the glair is just freakin’ me out and provokes cold shivers that go down my back.


Anyway, for those who love boiled eggs, the preparation might seem the easiest task in the whole world, a genuine piece of cake. And they might be right, but this applies only to the people who aren’t beginners, because if they are, their chance to screw things up is very high. The point is that you must be very careful, if you don’t want them to boil longer that they should.

In order to avoid such a problem, there was a brand new kitchen gadget invented, called the BeepEgg Timer, which comes with a musical solution. If you want to make this device work, then you should put it in the water, along with your eggs. The timer is equipped with several songs that correspond to different stages of a boiling egg. When, for example, the egg is soft-boiled, you’ll be hearing the “Killing me softly” song. If you want your BeepEgg to shut up, the only thing you should do is to just remove it from the hot water and put it in cold water.

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