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Latest game from Namco Bandai is the Dragon Ball Raging Blast, this fantastic game is going to be released for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 also.




Player could control up to eight characters at the start, eventually, you could learn to control up to 70 characters. Raging Blast takes place in a 3D environment.

On first impression, you will find that the environment is still destructible, movements are smooth, and graphics are more vivid and colors are deeper than the previous version. Meanwhile, on the game play, you will find that Dragon Ball Raging Blast is a new sense of enjoyment for gamers.

Two Player Mode didn’t get much improvement… It’s still the same as its predecessors… It’s still in development…

First impressions were really interesting… An Online Mode that is really challenging, a Story Mode that includes some training sessions, new story, new movements, new attacks, different gaming modes….

We’ll just have to wait for November 13th 2009 in Europe….

Key Features:

pivotal moments from the Dragon Ball Z series with more than 100 epic battles or experience alternate moments not included in the original series!
Fight as all of your favorite characters – Including transformations, battle as more than 70 playable characters including Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Frieza, Android 16, Cell and Broly.
Massive worlds with destructible environments – Feel the destructive power of your attacks as you alter any of the 10 large-scale battlefields. Smash your opponent to bits or inflict massive damage by embedding them into mountains, buildings and debris!
Multiple modes of play – Hone your techniques in the Dojo and then put them to the test in either the Dragon Battle Collection or Super Battle Trial single-player modes. Ready to face-off against friends? Challenge them in a variety of offline or online multiplayer modes, including Versus and the World Tournament Online!
Powerful and customizable attacks – Live the Dragon Ball Z experience with signature moves and Super Attacks, including the all new “Super Rising” move. During team battles, characters fight together, freely switching between members and assisting one another with support actions. You can also improve your characters’ abilities through item and Super Attack customization, equipping them with your favorite moves to match your fighting style.
Anime-inspired HD graphics – The hit franchise comes to life! The next-gen systems deliver high quality cel-shaded graphics in stunning HD and include impressive visuals such as GlowFX and Radial Blur.
Unlockable content – Earn D-Points to unlock new abilities and items!

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