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One of the futuristic green airship concepts designs, I would like to mention here is the Self-Sufficient BioHydrogen Airship. This is a huge scientific project proposed by a Renowned Belgian architecture firm, Vincent Callebaut Architecture for China’s government.


The idea is to provide alternative sustainable transportation and fuel that involve zero-emission airships and powered by bio-hydrogen fuel generated from seaweed breed in the algae farm, which is part of the project.

The proposed project is designed for Shanghai, a shoreline city in South China Sea. The project itself consists of algae farm, bio-hydrogen airship, emergency housings, scientific laboratories and how to solve increasing cost of freight in near future.


Researchers estimate a hectare of seaweeds could produce 120 times more biofuel than a hectare of soya or sunflower. Moreover, a farm with seaweeds is a true miniature biochemical power station able to absorb CO2 as main nutrient by photosynthesis and produce hydrogen in bioreactors.

This is where the Hydrogenase concept steps in. The Hydrogenase is essentially a two-tier system, one of which is the airship and the other is a plant producing bio-hydrogen.

For flight up to 2000 meters level, the Biohydrogen Airship could carry up to 200 tons of freight at a maximum speed of 175kph, double the speed of a ship and 7x slower than an airplane.

Whilst, even though the reduction in operating cost and emissions level will definitely make it interesting in the near future, Biohydrogen Airship itself is meant for 2030, where fuel prices would be soaring, and world demand on the sustainable transport and alternative fuel source would also increase in a tremendous manner.

And of course, above is presuming that major vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda or Nissan and other major electric power industry unable to come up with any major breakthrough in alternative energy to fuel up their engines!


FREIGHT : 200 Tons
SPEED : 175 km/h
ACTION FIELD : 5 – 10 000km
HEIGHT : 480m
SURFACE AREA : 350.000 m²
MODEL & PERSPECTIVES : Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Images Credit: Vincent CalleBaut Architectures

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