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Time passes by incredibly fast these days and it seems like the days got shorter and shorter. But it’s only our perception because most of us live in a virtual world on the internet, using our computers as instruments. Any way, the point is that we seem to never have time for anything and that is why we want to do all tricks possible to make things in a shorter period of time and we make inventions and innovations that can help us find a lot of information we need in the shortest time possible, without having to to open a lot of files and check a lot of web pages. That is why computer web based gadgets are so popular now.

Most computer users have at least one such gadget, a desktop gadget installed on their computer . Actually now you have access to many different gadgets because Windows Vista brought this new opportunity when it was released on the market: it came with a lot of gadgets that can be installed on your computer and display icons on the desktop.


This way you can find the information you want with only one blink of the eyes. They are very useful and come in different models and for different purposes. But one of the most useful ones is the hard drive side bar gadget. In fact this Vista gadget is one of the best HDD meter sidebar gadgets. After you download the gadget and install it on your desktop, you will be able to monitor the activity of your computer’s hard drive in real time, as it displays the HDD activity and free space.

The Vista Drives Meter monitors the way in which your hard drive is free or has occupied space and displays the amount of occupied space as a colored line or meter. Even if there are more partitions on your hard drive, you can see them all, each being shown with the amount of free space or space already used for storing files. Like I said, the bar is colored in the percentage it is full with data.


;The HDD Meter  gadget is very similar to the one above, displaying the total size of free space available or used, the percentage of space used or free, and the status bar. It also includes over 100 skins for your computer. HDD Monitor 1.2 does the same things and can be downloaded for free if you follow the link. It is already scanned for viruses or any other possible threats for your computer. Drive activity 1.1 is a nice sidebar gadget that monitors th  your hard drive’s activity, not only free space. It displays the workload of your hard drives. It detects the time when the hard drive is workin reading or writing something and shows this as a graphic .

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