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If you have painful and swollen feet every day the best thing to do is to use orthopedic shoes. If just a swollen feet doesn’t determinate you to use orthopedic shoes you should look closely at other sings of feet problems: do you have intense pain due to hammertoes?, the shoes that don’t fit right are giving you calluses or  corns? A lot of your feet problems are due to poorly designed shoes and poorly fitting shoes and if the problems persist or they are getting severe you should think about using orthopedic shoes.

Today orthopedic shoes are the dull and boring shoes they used to be, they can be really cool and stylish. They came in different models and sizes both for women and men.
Once you found the best orthopedic shoes for you or just a cool one you have to look closely at the next features of the shoes:

-          They have to be wide and they have to offer you a lot of space, because you need to fell comfortable in your orthopedic shoes.

-          They have to offer you a the best support against friction and they have to fit well, therefore you have to by orthopedic shoes that have or are made with hook-and-loop closures

-          They have to have a rigid shank or a semi-rigid shank

-          You should look at the outsole and if it is made of rubber, this is the shoe for you, because the rubber prevents you for slipping.

-          A flared outsole helps your foot to have a lot stability

-          With your feet problems you don’t need shoes that have high heels, so look for orthopedic shoes that have low heels (3/4 inches between  1 ½ inches)

These are the features that make orthopedic shoes the best orthopedic shoes. In you don’t find on the market the perfect orthopedic shoes you can always custom-made them. These custom-made shoes are made from a 3-D image of your foot you know for sure that they will fit you well.

Orthopedic shoes make your life better, because painful feet are discomforting and they sometimes prevent you form resolving everyday problems. This problem arises from the fact that we tend to neglect it and because we want to be fashionable and we buy shoes that are not good to our feet, we buy them just because we look good in them, or the shoes look good.

But you don’t have to that anymore, because on the market you will find a lot of cool, fashionable orthopedic shoes. In the next lines we will present you the best orthopedic shoes you can find on the market, the price and the place to buy them.

Women’s Therapeutic Shoes from FootSmart are made with special attention and care for your feet. If you have a ball-of-foot pain the next shoes are perfect for you: Drew Women’s Bloom II Mary Janes have a great look and stylish look, a comfortable heel and a roomy toe box. They have a lot of room inside giving foe feet the space they need and leather upper. They come in many colors: brown, black, navy or white. The price for these cool orthopedic shoes is $114.99.


Drew Women’s Delite Mary Janes are sporty shoes with soft leather and hook-and-loop – this feature makes them simple to adjust. The features of these orthopedic shoes: firm heel counter that allows you to have a great walking stability, tempered steel shanks, polyurethane outsole. These shoes are great for long walks and they look great and cool.

Drew Women’s Audrey Oxford Shoes have a lot of beautiful and great details and they are design with layers of comfort for your foot protection. A lightweight polyurethane outsole and supple leather upper make these shoes perfect for your feet. They also give you a lot of stability thanks to firm heel counter and the steel shank. The collar and the padded tongue offer your feet a comfortable fit. Drew Women’s Audrey Oxford Shoes are made from leather upper lining, Nova suede sockliner, polyurethane insole and outsole. You can buy them with $119.95 from FootSmart.


Orthofeet Men’s 415 Tie-Less Shoes are for the people with physically limitations, for example arthritis, they have a hook-and-loop strap this makes it easy to unfasten or fasten your shoe. Thanks to the added depth and cushioning your feet will fell free of discomfort and helps heel or relive arch pain. The shoes come with 2 removable spaces (3mm and 2mm), letting you to adjust the fit. They have a rubber outsole, leather upper, leather sockliner and lightweight EVA midsole. The price for these great shoes is $109.99


Drew Men’s Traveler Walking Shoes are made for long walks with a lot of comfort. They have 2 removable insoles that allow you to accommodate orthotics or customize the fit. You have a lot of stability with these shoes due to the extended medial heel and tempered steel shank. You can find them in black or brown at a price of $164.99


Apex Men’s Ambulator Stitched Oxford Shoes are for those of you that have problems with bunions, arthritis, hammertoes or other feet problems. They allow you to remove the insole layer for fitting flexibility or added depth. Apex Men’s Ambulator Stitched Oxford Shoes come with a slip-resistant polyurethane outsole that is shock absorbing and lets you have a lot of stability.

If you want a sporty style but also a lot of comfort, then the next cool orthopedic shoes are for you. Drew Men’s Hampton Lace-Up Shoes have removable insoles and a lightweight rubber outsole. For a comfortable fit they have a foam-padded tongue.

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