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Have you been to a capital where there is no traffic congestion? While there have been long debates about the best practices to reduce traffic congestion problems in major cities around the globe, it seems there was no good enough proposal that truly came up with an answer.


And not long ago, designers over China’s Shenzhen Huashi has come up with a proposal of making a huge straddling commuting bus that will allow other smaller vehicles to drive underneath the huge straddling bus. The passengers on the other hand, will enjoy a higher view at above.

Let’s roll the demo video for more info…

The basic idea is using the road space between the street’s bridges and regular vehicles, resembling a moving block that will reduce building expenses as well as helping to reduce traffic congestion problem by allowing other vehicles to travel freely underneath it.

The best part is that it will not require a place to park, as regular buses do, since it can remain on the road and still allow the traffic to continue as normal.


The Huge Straddling Commuting Bus will run at a steady speed of 40 km/h. The bus itself is capable of accommodating up to 1200 passengers in one trip, and 40km road for this Straddling Commuting Bus will need a mere 1 year to accomplish, faster than subway, which at the same distance, need to spend up to 3 years for construction.

China government seems pretty excited with the new solution for their traffic congestion problem and has been planning for a 186 km of road construction by the end of this year at Beijing’s Mentougou District.

Will this huge straddling commuting bus able to solve China’s current traffic congestion problems?

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