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For those love to fooling around with your friends, here is another neat application for this April Mop. The ‘Dude, Your Car!” is a funny iPhone’s application to allow you to retouch photos of any cars within 15 seconds by adding another ‘sensation’ of scratches, broken glass/windshield and dents.


First Step:
Load a picture from your album or use the app to take a picture.

Second Step:
Use the marking tool to mark the area you want to damage.

Third Step:
Choose the damage button and select a damage type (dent, scratch or broken glass/windshield). If you need to adjust anything, use the adjust tool and move/resize the damage. After that you can adjust the contrast, color and brightness. And you are done!

For finishing touch, you could use the enhancements tools such as resize, touch up, contrast, color and brightness adjustment to smooth up the damaging effects for the car into the particular photo. You could share the photo with ease via social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc..

Imagine what your boyfriend or friend will look like saw damage photo of his/her car on April Mop morning! The fool feeling and heartache generated from this funny “Dude, Your Car” application is somehow stunning.

Precautions: Not suitable for those with paranoia heart attack symptoms! coolest top new fun latest gadgets :D

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