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It has been more than half year since our first post on And in between we have experienced many good and bad, ups and downs, tears and smiles…

But it is solely because of you, our valued readers, that make us continue with all the efforts for posting regularly day by day, month after month. And it is mainly possible because of your valuable comments, critics and suggestions that keep us going no matter how dark the sky or how rough the blogging sea might be.

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We realize that 2010 is a Tough Tiger Year. Being young at heart and with continuous love, faith and support from our valued readers are somehow the new source of energy in this coming Year of Tiger, and hopefully that’s everlasting…

Your encouraging visits and revisits to our blog have been the source of confidence and cheerful lane that have been exciting process for us in the past, presently and future to come.

And as a good bye to ‘2009’, we would like to sum up last year’s top 9 posts here at

1. Safe Way To Store Your Seal – A FingerPrint And Number Lock Concept


2. Sharper Image U Video – Video Camera


3. Top 3 – Bluetooth Stereo HeadPhones


4. Hello Kitty Cases for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch/Nano


5. Self Defense SunGlasses – Officially Endorsed By Japanese Military


6. Neuber’s Sun Bag – Lightest Solar Energy Bag


7. Xbox 360 Next Generation – Xbox 720 Concept


8. USB Flash Drive – Yoda, Master Of The Light Warriors


9. LG eXpo GW820 Smartphone – With Detachable Pico Projector


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