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cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-Remember that movie iRobot? Many people believe that one day the idea behind the film will come to fruition. Today we learn how one robot can posses the ability of deception and send out a false signal, thus confusing its opponent.

But this much more revolutionary than just a game of hide and seek, it’s a demonstration of how the aspect of social intelligence, called ‘theory of mind’, can now be integrated into a robot.

The video bellow shows just the beginning of how one day robots may be able to reason the intentions, thoughts and even feelings of human being and other robots.

The defining feature of theory of mind is the ability to model the beliefs and intentions of others as distinct to one’s own. Robots have previously hinted at this ability by performing a variety of mental tricks.

To demonstrate artificial deception, Alan Wagner of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and colleague Ron Arkin recruited two Rovio robots, made by WowWee in Hong Kong, for a game of hide-and-seek. Before the game, the robots were released to learn about the game environment and the effect of their own actions on it.

The environment featured three adjacent hiding places. Programmed to learn, the first thing ‘Seeker’ Rovio did was move into one of the caches, knocking the pen over on its way. The pen was reset and the robot repeated the process, and eventually learned to associate fallen pen and hiding place.

The other robot,’ Hider’, came to the same conclusions as it explored the environment, but crucially, it had been given the ability to learn how to send a false signal.

Thus the game commenced, Hider Rovio’s learned knowledge allowed it to predict what seeker Rovio would do in the same situation. It calculated that knocking over a pen and sneaking elsewhere would fool its seeker. “It uses its own model of itself to determine how best to deceive the other individual,” says Wagner.

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