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V8 Engine Pencil Sharpener

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Those of you who enjoyed last year’s V8 Alarm Clock now gets a chance to sharpen your pencils in the same style using this fun BBC Top Gear V8 Pencil Sharpener.

Insert a pencil and shatter the silence of your office with authentic V8 thunder. This novel pencil sharpener even makes a stalling sound when the shavings tray is full.

Although it’s really powered by batteries, it’s easy to pretend you’ve got a gas guzzler on your desk with this V8 engine shaped sharpener.

The Top Gear V8 Pencil Sharpener measures 14 x 9 x 7 cm and requires 4 x AA batteries. The product is available from the ShinyShack website for £11.99 (about $20 USD).

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