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I have used this for a few years now and have enjoyed my time with it. I have bought the stand to make a vertical system and have some extras like the remote control which I highly recommend if you like to watch DVDs. As a games console the PS2 is the leader and so it has a limitless choice of games, however I will say that for some reason over the past few years there has only really been a handful of solid gaming entries and everything else is mediocre and PC graphics are a way ahead of the PS2 now, so if you are a game player looking for the best gaming experience then the PS2 is not for you. What you need is a new computer and a very good graphics card with an ADSL modem or better. PS2 games can be very expensive (4 top shelf games and you have the price of a PS2 – 20 top shelf games and you have the price of a computer we where just talking about.) If you own a PS2 then a DVD store rental card is a bonus and really that rental store card is what the PS2 is about for you. If you do not have that card then I hope you have lots of money or friends to trade with.

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I find myself using this box for mostly watching DVD movies and renting games. I buy a new game once every two months (usually a top shelf game) and that keeps me going. For the PS2 I think the type of game that suits the console best is a 3rd person survival game or something like Grand Theft Auto. Beat em’ ups are good on it as well. However the PC dominates Sims, RPGs and 1st person shooters. Maybe the PS2 has some influence on sports games like SSX and Tony Hawk but everyone knows that the better experience for these games is on the PC. So what games you prefer really has an impact on if you want a PS2 or not. Maybe a PC is really what you need?

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I watch lots of DVDs and with the remote control the PS2 plays like a joy including a special region-free disc that you can buy (its dirt cheap) allowing you to watch anything that comes on a DVD. I have found some incompatibility with some movies (2 in 300) but this is mostly the fault of the DVD producers and not Sony. So 99.9% of movies will play on a PS2. That is not bad. The image quality is not the best but pretty darn good all the same. You can also hook up surround sound to the PS2 no problem and play Dolby Digital or DTS. The PS2 does have one drawback in this department though. The internal fan makes a hell of a lot of noise so you need to keep the sound up to send that to the background. It can be annoying at times. As a DVD player the PS2 has really been used to the max and I have only good things to say about that.

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I have also used the PS2 to play CD music through my televisions sound system. It has made my hi-fi system now redundant. So as a console it has lots of media options other than just the games console and that is what really makes it worth its while. However as a games console I must say that I have not been let down that much (games like GTA: Vice City, Silent Hill 3, Manhunt, MGS, Devil May Cry, made the console for me) but there could be a lot better first class PS2 games out there by now. I think there are less than 10 really outstanding games on the PS2 and a way more options on a PC for better games.

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Anyway what you like in games is up to you. I have had the PS2 now for years and it is a workhorse that still does its job. I have no complaints about this system except maybe to hope that more developers try pushing the limits of what this box can do. I am currently looking forward to the new Resident Evil game.

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– Relatively cheap console.
– A wide of variety of games to choose from.
– Expandable.
– Great DVD player (with remote control improves this vastly).
– Reliable and rugged.
– A standard that will never phase out.

– Games are very expensive.
– The fan makes a lot of noise.
– A PC maybe really what you want.
– It has taken ages for some good games to arrive.

Overall this a great evolution for the games console. If you have the money and want a portable media system that plays games, DVDs and CDs then the PS2 is really convenient and manageable.

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