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Probably you got countless number of photos inside your mobile phone or digital camera. I do and from time to time I print some of them either on home printer or at nearest photo lab.But what do you do when you want to share these photos instantly with your friends at the party or others gatherings? You use the revolutionary PoGo Instant Photo Printer.

Remember photo-spewing cameras made by Polaroid you played with back in the past? Fun part was shaking these old-style instant photos in order to dry them. Now, legendary name in instant photos brings us this ultra-sleek inkless portable printer with breakthrough technology.
All you do is send your pics to the PoGo wirelessly via Bluetooth (mobile phone) or with a USB lead (PictBridge-friendly camera) and watch as this smart gadget spits out a quality image on a 2″x3″ slice of sticky-back photo paper in under 1 minute. You can then peel off the backing and stick your pics wherever you fancy. How cool is that?
The PoGo uses miraculous heat-activated Zink paper, no ink cartridges required. What’s more the prints are smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof.


* Holds 10 sheets of Zink paper
* This product currently doesn’t work with iPhone or LG Viewty


* PoGo approximately 7.2cm(W) x 12cm(D) x 2.4cm(H)
* Zink photo paper approximately 7.6cm(W) x 5cm(H)


* 1 x PoGo Portable Printer
* 10 x sheets of Zink paper
* 1 x Li Polymer rechargeable battery 7.4V, 450mAh
* 1 x Mains Charger
* 1 x User Manual

Battery Requirements:

* 7.2V rechargable battery included
* Battery is replaceable
* Full charge prints approximately 15 images
* 9V AC Adapter included


* Bluetooth (class 2) OPP
* USB 2.0 (full speed= 12 MBPS)
* USB A connector (USB cable not included)
* To check to see if your phone is compatible click here

Print Speed:

* Approximately 60 seconds per image (20 seconds to transmit, 40 seconds to print)

About Zink Photo Paper:

* Full bleed, borderless image
* Inkless printing embeds colour into the paper
* Prints dry-to-touch, water-resistant, tear-proof and smudge-proof
* Peel off, sticky-backed
* Automatic image quality optimisation
* Each sheet measures 2 x 3 inchs

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