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Rest assured it isn’t a nightmarish cross of Bambi and Terminator. It doesn’t have laser eyes or super abilities either, but the local sheriff now has the perfect bait for trigger-happy hunters/poachers.

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Robo-deer, a creepy lifelike deer recently fielded by Florida law enforcement, has but one mission: to provide an all too tempting target for unscrupulous hunters. The trick is to have robo-deer placed among bushes along a roadside, with the good ole Sheriff hidden 50 feet away, remote in hand. Robo-deer is incapable of full mobility but it can move its neck and tail, which is more than enough to give a life-like impression.

Robo-deer will be in active service near and around game reserves during the off season. That way it can take the real bullets that have murdered unsuspecting deer thanks to poaching. It also helps the law identify and apprehend poachers, who can serve up to a year in jail if caught. In fact, seven people have already been apprehended thanks to robo-deer.

To put fear in the hearts of men and women with evil intent on wildlife, robo-deer is the subject of an episode of Operation Wild on Planet Green.

For some reason we can’t stop thinking of Jim Carrey getting trapped inside a robot rhino in Ace Ventura 2. Yeah, if you’re gonna go Beast Wars and build robot animals, it’s always better to have it remote controlled—or sentient.

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