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Heart-Shaped USB Webcam

top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-geek-gadgets-gifts-ideas-Heart-Shaped USB Webcam

This heart-shaped USB 2.0 compliant web camera will give you a 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per second. Simply clip the cam on your monitor or let it stand on your desk.

The left side of the web cam is rotatable to be a heart shape. It is designed with a microphone and a touch sensitive LED lights. Let you chat freely in the dark environment. Get one today and start chatting away with your family and friends.

top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-geek-gadgets-gifts-ideas-Heart-Shaped USB Webcam


Frame Rate: VGA, 30 frame/second
White Balance: Automatic
Exposal Control: Automatic
Flash Control: Automatic
Resoultion: 640 x 480
Capture high-quality VGA (640 x 480) video
Send video e-mails anywhere
Excellent still image capture
Video recording
Video conference
Record the moving image
Security function
With the tilt swiveling base
USB 2.0 interface
Driver free for Windows XP/Vista
Dimension: 50 x 75 x 68mm
Weight: 120g

top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-geek-gadgets-gifts-ideas-Heart-Shaped USB Webcam

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