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Have you heard of the YouTube 4K review? Do you wonder what it is?

Last year, YouTube announced its support for videos with 1080p or full HD resolution. And just recently, YouTube is taking it to another level and just officially announced in the VidCon 2010 conference its support for videos shot in a 4K content which pertains to a reference resolution of 4096 x 3072.This is even 4 times the size of the 1080p. Looks like a great evolution happening in YouTube which will allow loyal video browsers to enjoy more high quality videos.

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With this announcement, it only means that YouTube will now support videos with a resolution ranging from 360p up to 4K. Basically, it needs a 25 feet screen to be able to play 4K videos. Certainly, 4K videos sound very promising.

To view these 4K videos all you have to do is select “Original” from the video pull down menu. And please don’t forget that you need a superfast broadband connection to be able to do this.

At present, YouTube has 5 video clips (one posted below) listed in its 4K resolution list. This includes (1) Life in the garden; (2) Surf NYC ;( 3)2nd movement for violin ;( 4) Lupe and (5) Secret world. There seems to be a lack of 4K videos at present which may be because video cameras that can shoot in 4K content are very expensive.

With 4K being the highest quality of video available to date, certainly it has also some limitations. One of these is the need for a superfast broadband to be able to watch these 4K videos. Another one is that the projectors use for these 4K video type is not that portable since it comes like a size of a small refrigerator and lastly, as mentioned above it will take a very expensive camera to be able to shoot original 4K videos.

It seems that with this, Google and You Tube is set to position itself for bigger and better things in the future. YouTube might be interested to be a distributor of a high-quality video content in the next couple of years. Who knows because of this moviemakers might directly release movies straight via YouTube.

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