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In celebration of Toshiba’s 25th Anniversary, the company recently launched an addition to its Portege laptop series called the Toshiba Portege R705. The Portege series has always impressed consumers since it has been Toshiba’s top-of-the line laptops which have been noted for its standard portability and latest CPUs not to mention that it has also been known for being a little costly.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets portege r705 Toshiba Portege R705 Review: Release Date and Specs Confirmed!cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets portege r705 2 Toshiba Portege R705 Review: Release Date and Specs Confirmed!

The Toshiba Portege R705 is a 13.3 inch laptop that offers a perfect balance of price, design, feature and performance. It is basically designed to address the various users’ needs, budget as well as their expectations.

Physically, the R705 looks just like any laptop for professionals. It comes with a dark navy color. The lid isn’t too much glossy and it has a brushed metal magnesium alloy chassis which feels sturdy despite its noticeable thinness. This 13.3 inch laptop with 1366 x 768 resolution display weighs around 3.2 pounds and claimed to be the lightest laptop in the world with an optical drive.

Let us try to check the Toshiba Portege R705 as detailed below:

Keyboard – comes with a chiclet keyboard which uses flat, widely spread island-style keys. It has a large dedicated page up, page down, home and end keys.
Touchpad- comes with a plastic and decently sized touchpad. It support multi-touch gestures and comes with two dedicated left and right mouse buttons that are easy to use.
Speaker- comes with two small speakers located above the keyboard.
Battery – comes with a Lithium ion battery that can lasts up to 8.5 hours battery life
Processor- runs with a 2.26 GHz Core i3 350M processor which is speedy enough for mainstream use
Ports, Jacks and Connection- despite its thinness the R705 comes with 2 USB ports, USB/e SATA, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, headphone and microphone jacks
Memory and Storage – it has 500GB hard drive, 3 MB cache memory, 1 GB video memory and 4GB of RAM
OS provided – Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Others – it has also 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN and a built-in camera, Intel Integrated Graphics and software utilities like Reel Time and Toshiba bulletin board

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets portege r705 3 Toshiba Portege R705 Review: Release Date and Specs Confirmed!

Aside from the above mentioned the R705 also comes with the Intel Wireless Display Performance otherwise known as WIDI which allows laptops to beam to a remote TV or monitor. But some finds this feature a little disappointing since it does not come bundled with a Netgear adaptor required for this feature.

The R705 was simply impressive with its specs and features however it has also some flaws with regards to its speakers ,also its temperature which becomes incredibly warm during CPU intensive tasks, its battery life is also quite unbelievable, its highly sensitive accelerometer and its Intel Integrated graphics which is only good on videos but not for high resolution games.

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