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Well look like everything made earlier will be seen as some of an ancient thing today, especially in our techie world where there are almost everyday updates of everything. While you are so happy with your 1TB hard disk here comes Seagate announcing its 3TB hard disk. Whew! sounds really cool.

The hard drives and storage solutions manufacturer had confirmed that they are indeed on their way of producing a 3TB hard disk drive. Seagate’s senior product manager Barbara Craig had announced that the company will be announcing a 3TB drive later this year. Good news to everyone who are already pissed with such low storage. This will be a breakthrough for the company, however some things are not going as what they had planned. Seagate is now facing problems in the making of this powerful hard drive.

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The new drive will be included in the Seagate’s Constellation ES family and will be having a 6Gbit/s SAS interface and is presumed to spin a standard 7,200 rpm

One of their problems is the Logical Block Addressing standard, the system for specifying the location of each 5112 bit block of data. LBA can only support up to 2.1TB of storage capacity. The system was set by Microsoft and IBM in the original DOS standard way back in 1980s. Looks like they weren’t expecting a much higher storage capacity to be develop in the next eras.

With this, Craig said that the only way to access the 3TB hard drive and all that it will be offering is to have a 64 bit version of Windows 7 or Vista.  While a 32-bit version of Vista or XP might work, it will only see as little as 990MB of a 3TB drive because of shortcomings proven during their tests.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets Seagate HDD Seagate Confirmed 3TB Hard Disk drive

Also using a 3TB hard disk as the primary disk can result to limitation of the existing master boot record. In order to make it work, a GUID partition table is needed and the hard disk should just serve as a secondary drive. Adding to it, hard drive controllers, BIOSes and drives are also all formats to 2.1 TB.

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