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Making a boast of anything “on the Planet” is a pretty bold statement. Most have to back up what they’re saying and most of the time they fail at it. Here’s NVIDIA’s “Fastest DX11 GPU on the Planet” GeForce GTX 580.

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Here are the specs:

772MHz clock speed
512 CUDA processing cores
192.4GBps memory bandwidth
1.5GB of GDDR5 with a rate of 4GHz
6- or 8-pin power connectors
DL-DVI and mini-HDMI outputs
New vapor chamber cooling system
Able to be used in a Triple SLI configuration
Coolest and quietest of NVIDIA’s GPU’s

CRN has reported estimates that the GTX 580 is better than the previous GTX 480 by between 20% and 35%. That means even if you OC your rig to its limits, this baby will just keep on cool and quiet like while you frag some headshots.

Here’s a YouTube hands-on video of the GPU against other well known CPU cards:

With the impressive specs and impressive brand name, no wonder NVIDIA is confident to boast of this GPU as being the “Fastest DX11 GPU on the Planet.”

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