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We have heard and read that AP1920 (netbook) from MSI will be showing off at the CES next year and guess what? AP1920 won’t be alone, I’m not talking about the MSI Wind Box. I am talking about the new AE2220! A gadget website has unveiled this gizmo and put it to a test, and they have checked what it can do. So now I’m here to give you the details of what happened.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets MSI AE220

MSI AE2220 is a nettop sporting a 21.5 inch “Touchscreen” , it’s bigger than AP1920 making it the “Big Brother” (AP1920 is smaller and totally different from AE2220 so they’re incomparable I think)! AE2220 looks like an LCD TV slash ‘your computer’ and your all-in-one Multi-media partner.So why did I say all of these? The reason will be detailed below.

MSI AE2220 is not your ordinary nettop, can do a lot of stuff that you will definitely say “at long last I have found you”! So let me start to inject you with the details one at a time. There would be three configuration one of which will just cost you $699 and for added features then you have to empty your pockets with $930.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets MSI AE220 front
cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets MSI AE220 back

Gladly the MSI AE2220 that was tested is the latter! Infused with a Blu-Ray drive and an extravagant 4 gigabyte of RAM plus it will be running Windows 7 Home premium what else can you ask for? Sweet as chocolate isn’t it? But wait there’s more (just like the home TV shopping always say) remember that I told you it would be your multi-media partner? This gadget will also have a TV tuner, a VGA output, an HDMI input plus Ethernet with audio in & out SPDIF and 5 USB 2.0 sockets (whew! Good thing I was typing these, I would have run out of breath if I was talking) So many things included but the question is, how was the performance? According to the people responsible for the test drive the MSI AE2220 worked flawlessly (so far). Oh I still have something that I forgot to mention, here they are…

Intel processor ‘Core 2 Duo’ at 2.2 GHz / Dual-core Pentium T4300 processor at 2.1 GHz
1080p ( that produces real life pictures/colors to please your eyes), 1920 x 1080 res. display
NVIDIA Ion GeForce 9300 chipset (to add more pleasure while your eyes are stuck on the screen)
Your choice of 320gb, 500GB or 640GB hard drive
1.3MP webcam
2 x 5W speakers
Wi- Fi
6-in-1 memory card reader

So what do I have to say with AE2220 All-in-one PC? It’s Fantabulously (combination of fantastic and fabulous) great!

So great you might forget that it still has a keyboard and a mouse together with it!

Here are some video clips you can feast your eyes into so you can scrutinize this gadget. (This is the unboxed version with a little bit of sneak peek)

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