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Sick and tired of your usual desktop? We have to admit that assembled desktop are more in demand than this branded one’s. It’s rare that you see a branded desktop in an internet café or computer rental shop, simply because it’s way too expensive to be used for such purpose. But if you have extra dough to spend and splurge on a nice and sturdy looking desktop wouldn’t you settle for Lenovo IdeaCentre B500? Its Gen-X style will definitely bring you to a futuristic life just by looking at it you might forget it’s only 2010!

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets aio thumb Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 Gets Scrutinized | Specs Review

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets aio1 thumb Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 Gets Scrutinized | Specs Review

Speaking of extra dough to spend I’m not saying it would cost like the lucrative Lenovo that’s equal to someone’s house and car. It’s a New Year and Lenovo’s resolution for this year is to produce affordable (or shall I say reasonable) gadgets for everyone to enjoy and feast on. – So what can we expect from this AIO pc? A stunning look that all of your visitors will be so amaze you have this (they might even touch it like Genie’s lamp). A wireless mouse and keyboard (powered by Bluetooth), reviews from the other sites who were able to have a good hands on with this gizmo said the keyboard was pretty but not so efficient due to the poor wireless connectivity. More of the bad news from Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 (let’s start with bad before we go for the good news) other than the keyboard, it’s pretty obvious that the screen looks like a sliding but it’s not. This one is not your touchscreen device so you can stop your fantasy that you can have a AIO like the one on Black-eyed peas MTV boom-pow. Another one is the “No option for Blu-Ray drive”, so for those DVD addicts you just have to settle for your Tv. You’ll need an external speaker for a louder volume, since the built-in will never do you good (unless you’re not the loud type). There is no eSATA and HDMI input (ouch!) on this one, now it’s making me think if it’s still worth my $799! So much for the bad news lets head for the specs and style Lenovo B500 can provide. Below are the standard specs:

Boastful 23-inch 1,920 x 1,080 screen (with nice finishing)
Touch activated buttons for the lamp, volume and brightness (that can be found on lower right corner of the screen)
6 USB ports
standard SDHC
MS pro card reader, PS
2 keyboard port (not USB! Lame isn’t it?)
LAN port & AV-in port
digital TV aerial socket
You can choose from this 2 option for your processor:
At $799 you will get
Pentium Dual-Core E5400 with 320GB 7200rpm HDD and 2GB RAM
For $899 you can have
Core 2 Duo E7500 with 500GB 7200rpm HDD and 4GB RAM

And to wrap things up I have a cool video for this gizmo.

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