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Now don’t mistake this one for an iPad, though it is pretty obvious that it looks like it. Hewlett Packard has develop a device that can bring consumers a vibrant feel of a whole new slate (minus the keyboard compared to a convertible PC to tablet).This would be something that you will definitely look forward to this year! I guess more of this will be out by the end of 2010, so you can choose from a variety of slate that will fit your needs and you budget.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets HP Slate HP Slate Presents New Web Experience | Specs Review

HP Slate (as they call it, pretty simple huh?) was built and planned carefully says Phil McKinney, HP’s Chief Technical Officer. This new baby from HP will surely give you a breath taking experience because it will be capable of running your favorite flash games, it will be equipped with Adobe Flash and Adobe Air. The slate will run Windows 7, so far the looks of it is quite nice, rest assured that you will see more of this type of articles roaming the net and videos from the HP slate to rule YouTube for quite awhile, you didn’t expect Hewlett Packard to do nothing after the iPad commercial at the Oscars right? Let’s just say this is one of their ways to get noticed.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets HPSlateCEO HP Slate Presents New Web Experience | Specs Review

We have a video for you to feast on which I guess is too overwhelming because the device seems to be perfect (but of course we can never rely on that), but HP brags that their slate will make you experience the whole web content instead of just getting the partial content of the website. According to HP, almost all websites run flash that is why you will get 100% of the web content out of their new slate and it’s all because it’s infused with Adobe Flash (as I have said earlier).

As HP have focused on the web experience from their new slate, they have missed some important part such as the screen keyboard which is not big enough for typing, so if you have a big finger you wouldn’t really like typing on this slate (I hope there is stylus pen included on this one).

We will keep you posted on any detailed specs, for now you can feast on the informative video we have.

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