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Do you want to try something new other than Skype or FaceTime? Well, it looks like we have another option to try; it’s the all new Yahoo Messenger App. Yes, you’ve heard it right, the very popular Yahoo Messenger Application is coming with new features to offer and that includes a free voice and video call feature as well as the ability to call to a landline and mobile phone that is offered at a low cost. And the good news is this upgraded Yahoo Messenger is now available in the Apple App Store for millions of iPhone users.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets yahoo messenger iphone app How to Make Video Calls (webcam chat) using Yahoo Messenger App? | Download and Review

Yahoo Messenger users on the iPhone can now enjoy making free voice and video calls to their Yahoo Messenger friends and please take note that this is offered for free. In addition to that, YM users may also make calls to a landline or mobile phone at a low cost only.

This new Yahoo Messenger application as mentioned earlier is now available at the Apple App Store and offers multitasking to all users of the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4. Basically, this newly overhauled YM application also offers these interesting features:

Comes with an enhanced performance that offers a simpler and richer Yahoo Messenger experience
Enhance your creativity by using rich text and personal expressions like emoticons and avatars
Bring your friends in one place as you add your Windows Live Messenger contacts to your buddy list
Gives you the opportunity to capture and share iPhone photos and video in real-time, with your Yahoo! Messenger buddies
Get notified for every message whenever a new one arrives or whether the application is running or not in the background
Send free SMS messages
Offers multitasking as you can still work with other iPhone apps while Yahoo Messenger is running
Make video calls and stream live video as well
Has the ability to make free voice calls
Offers low-cost landline and mobile phone calls and also offers low-cost international calls as well

Basically, the new Yahoo Messenger application seems to promise a lot of interesting and new features that users can enjoy. It is a good thing to know that aside from Skype and FaceTime, we have another application to look forward to thus, keeping us connected with our family, friends and loved-ones all the time.

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