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HiVision is one of the company that aims to provided quality portable laptops at the cheapest price possible. HiVision wants to give us the lowest possible cost to own their gadgets that is why their game plan is to get their device distributed worldwide but of course they need distributors who would be willing to order in bulk to lessen the manufacturing cost. Just like in Economics the more products produced the lesser it will cost for the manufacturers (that’s why China tends to produce a lot of stuff even if there is no demand as of the moment because it’s cheaper that way.)

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets hiv2 Hivision PWS700ca Android Laptop on a World Mission | Specs Review

HiVision was able to sell their gadgets to end user for less than a $100 approximately two years ago and that is so far the lowest price laptop that has marked the history of gadgetry! So can they do the same for their new PWS700CA? I hope so, this would be made possible if leading electronic resellers would agree to order in huge amount for this device then the price of PWS700CA will surely drop from $200 below.

I think this is an awesome idea from HiVision, imagine people can access the net anywhere, anytime and you need not to spend an extravagant amount to own a computing device. This will surely promote literacy in rural areas. The government from third world countries will be able to buy in bulk to designate it in public schools and each student can have one instead of sharing. I know it’s quite small but the goal here is to spread literacy and awareness.I don’t think teachers or students would mind having a small computing device the important thing is they have it!

HiVision PWS700CA will have a 7 inch screen and weighs only 650 grams. One if the things I like about this portable device is that it is capable of 720p HD playback (awesome for something worth under $200). This laptop is the cheapest find you will ever have that is worth it! It’s running an Android ARM926 processor with 128SDRAM which are all based on a Rockchip RK2808. It’s equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi too.

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