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I have wonderful news to all the Dell fans out there. If you’ve heard rumors going around the industry about Dell coming out with an Android tablet – they have now confirmed it as true! The product called Mini 5 is a 3G and Wifi supported mobile phone. It’s christened a name “5” because it is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and a 5-inch multi-touch screen.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets Dell Mini 5

This techie gadget supported by Android technology, is the new addition to Dell’s line of PC/tablets alongside the Mini 3 smartphone and Mini netbooks. But of course, this is just a sneak peak of what’s coming from Dell. They have more tweaking and twisting to do, revolutionizing the Android technology.

Comparing this to HP’s Windows 7 Slate, I must say, it’s a bit difficult to decide which one’s better. I guess it really depends on what your priorities are in terms of usage of the device. When it comes to portability, both the Slate and Mini 5 are small, light and easy to carry and bring around.

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However, the Slate is bigger than the Mini 5. If you have a big pocket, the Mini 5 might be able to fit – sort of like a cellphone but slightly bigger. On the other hand, you definitely won’t be able to put the Slate in your pocket at all. If you have eye problems, then I’d suggest that you for the Slate.

Since the screen is wider than that of the Mini 5, you won’t be browsing up and the down the screen as much, especially if you’re reading heavy text contents or highly graphic images. For communication, I’d say both devices are at par since they allow users to contact other phones with their mobile capability; but the Mini 5 has a built-in camera which allows instant video calling.

Not sure if the Slate has built-in camera as well, we’ll have to wait until it comes out in the market later this year. Based on the information I know right now, I think I’d prefer the Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet better.

Specs list

5 inch multi-touch screen
5 mega pixel main camera (front and back)
Android technology
3G technology
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