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You have been seeing CULV lately but have you ever taken the time to Google it and check what this word or abbreviation mean? It has been tagged to ASUS UL30Vt now that should be a reason for you to know what C-U-L-V means.

So let me educated you before we proceed with ASUS’s UL30Vt details. CULV is originally made by Intel, it’s a computing platform injected with the lowest power using processors so the conventional 3-4 hours of battery life can be extended. That’s why we have netbooks and laptops now that can last for up to 12 hours of battery life, thanks to this innovation!

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets ASUS ULV30

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets ASUS CULV

ASUS UL30Vt will be your much awaited Consumer Ultra Low Voltage machine, promising a 12-hour battery life, now that’s mobility and dependability all packed in ASUS new laptop.

So what else do you get? This time there’s no catch, actually Asus has added a little bit more to this gadget. UL30Vt will include a GMA 4500MHD GPU 64-bit ,NVIDIA G210M (512MB) plus copy of Windows 7 Home Premium at 64-bit.Pretty cool huh? Of course you should expect that Asus will never go lower than 4GB of DDR3 RAM (since they have released Asus Eee way back 2008 that’s equipped with 4GB) and a 500GB hard drive. It will be working with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU together with switchable graphics, a 5,600mAh battery which is responsible for this monsters’ 12 hour life!

ASUS UL30Vt-A1 will be available to you but not ASAP! This gizmo is available for pre-order, meaning you can order right away as long as you have the dough associated with it (price tag will be at $849) but there is no definite date when this will be available for delivery. So that means your order will stand as a reservation just in case this gets out of stock. So where can you buy it? Unfortunately not to your favorite gadget store just a few block away from your house. Not even in the malls you have been ‘balling’ at. The Ultimate CULV machine will only be available at

So you think you can handle the price tag? I bet you could, especially when you still have some of those Santa bucks under your bed or hidden somewhere.

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