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Are your fingers itching? Well, here is one tech gadget that may keep you wanting for more. Or it may even keep your hands burning. It’s the ASUS ROG G53 a 3D gaming laptop. A 3D gaming laptop is one that uses three-dimensional graphics which is often found in computer or internet-based games.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets Asus ROG Asus ROG G53 3D Gaming Laptop? | Specs Review

ASUS, a Taiwan-based manufacturing company of tech gadgets, makes another milestone by clinging to the interest of many…gaming!

It has an option to use among Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The Core is Intel’s brand name for families of desktops and laptops that are 64-bit x86-64 wide processors. The “Core i7″ brand is the fastest among them while Core i5 which is a mid-range processor and Core i3 processors intended for the entry-level consumers. Put together they have intelligent performance, efficient power, high-tech graphics, and error-correcting code memory.

The laptop also houses about 16GB of DDR3 memory on the quad-core machine while only half of that (8GB DDR3) memory for dual-core machines. A LED-backlit “HD” display will allow the screen to be more readable.  It has an NVIDIA “Enthusiast” graphics which targets gamers for their absolute experience. It also gives room for two hard drives which is backed by an SSD / HDD combo system in case the other hard drive bugs down. Talk about an optional Blu-ray drive which is an optical disc storage medium which takes the place of the standard DVD format.

Its main uses are for storing high-definition videos, games, and other data. There are 3.0 USB ports which is the fastest connector up to 10x speed than that of the 2.0 and an HDMI 1.4 port which increases resolution for tuning in those 3D signals to your brand new HDTV.

With the 15.6 screen that is relatively large but a plus for gaming, I say bring it on! Judging from what I’ve heard it’s also good for graphics and high-resolution data storage. But when it comes to other functions, it’s just average. For example a 16 GB memory can go as far as 32 GB. But anyway, the system has been carefully planned considering that if one hard drive goes down it will be backed by another. Such a genuine thought! A LED-backlit eases eye strain especially if the gamer decides to go all night on the screen.

For you gaming addicts, it is expected to be shipped in August for a soon-to-be-said price.

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