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Asus, the leading developer of notebooks and PC and launched once again a first in the notebook industry during the Computex 2010 at Taipei Taiwan. The company introduces the World’s first integrated WirelessHD Notebook PC with SiBEAM Technology. Asus had introduced two computer models one of which is the Asus G73Jw Laptop.

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cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets 121 ASUS G73JW Laptop At Computex 2010

The 17.3 inch G73Jw will be incorporating the SiBEAM‘s 60GHz WirelessHD technology. Wireless HD enables high definition signals to be sent through air without the use of wires from a device going to a display.  It uses a Blue-ray signal directly to an HDTV without an HDMI cable. And this technology is really amazing when it is integrated in a laptop just like with the new Asus notebooks.

The SiBEAM WirelessHD technology that is included in the Asus G73Jw Laptop uses advanced wireless video network chips on display mini-card modules.  It is expected to have the capability of streaming uncompressed 1080p/60 video to an HDTV. The said wireless display technology will be operating in the 60GHz frequency band and will not get in the way with other Wi-Fi or wireless technologies. Users will be able to connect the notebook to the HD television and will still be able to access the internet and their home network all at the same time.

Asus G73Jw Laptop is ideal for gaming  and will surely provide users with a excellent gaming experience joined with perfect video quality as the new SiBEAM’s WirelessHD technology integrated in it is the only wireless display solution available on the market that provide a no loss and uncompressed video connection.

The other model in line with this first integration of the SiBEAM’s WirelessHD technology is the G51 3D. The company also announced their new membership and participation in WirelssHD as an adopter.

The news is really interesting but the sad part is that both the two new models don’t have specs sheet that is available in the market.  The new ASUS G73JW and the G53 notebooks will go on sale in Fall of 2010 but no pricing and availability details had been released yet.

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