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The CeBIT 2010 tradeshow is yet to happen on March 2-6, but even before this February month comes to an end, there has already been leaks about a few electronic stuffs that Asus will be introducing during the world’s biggest computer expo.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets ASUS Eee PC 1015

Trickled d ata said that the multinational corporation, Taiwan-based Asus shall set on the CeBIT stage three new Eee PC models. These three netbooks were also said to share some similar characteristics: all three have a screen measuring 10 inches and all three are speculated to be powered by an Intel Pine Trail Atom. The see page, however, did not mention anything about prices and availability of the three new supposed gadgets from Asus. The individual qualities of the three Eee Pcs are shown below.

The Eee PC 1015P

Described to have a matte display(a screen that is not glossy).
Its keyboard is of chiclet style (has an group of small, flat rectangular or lozenge-shaped rubber or plastic keys resembling pieces of the Chiclets chewing gum)
The body is made of aluminum
This netbook is complete with a webcam
The provided battery can last up to fourteen hours with the Wi-Fi is turned off

Next is the Eee PC 1016P, almost like a twin to Eee PC 1015 entails the following characteristics

Has a chiclet-styled keyboard
Its chassis is made from aluminum
The battery account for fourteen hours straight usage

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets ASUS eee pc 1018

Finally, the Eee PC 1018P

Has a chassis which is also crafted from aluminum
More sophisticated than the other two because it has an integrated fingerprint reader
Geared with USB 3.0 support system
The frame is lean and skinny with only a 0.7 inches for thinness, totaling to only 18 millimeters thick
Its battery life is lower compared to its other siblings for it only accounts for ten hours.

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