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I guess Acer has thought of something better to do other than producing glossy laptops and notebooks. So for a change they have thought of making a device that is thin yet fleshy on the inside and not to mention fast too! Imagine a computing device that flaunts a thin body and boost all the features of a bulky notebook or laptop posses, now imagine no more…

Acer has come up with a computing device that will sport not any of the I-series of Intel processors which is the hit this year; instead it will have the more superb processor from Intel which is Calpella!

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets Acer Slim

M ost of you will be thrilled to know that once Acer release their Calpella Slim series, all other ultra-slim or ultra-thin computing device from them will be marked down, this is make way for Calpella of course and at the same time this is Acer’s way of differentiating the two kind of thin computing devices from each other.

Now Acer has built this type of gadget to change how consumers see ultra thin notebooks, JT Wang (Acer’s Chairman) said that customers’ response to Intel CULV powered machine is not that overwhelming and that is simply because of the performance that is not very similar to what is being projected and advertised by other companies or ads! Calpella Slim’s aim is to break the impression that PC users have on ultra-slim peripherals because it will deliver superior performance with maximum portability.

cool latest new high tech PC laptop gadgets acer notebook

Wang is expecting that their new baby will definitely make it big this coming march, giving them 30-40% sales plainly from Calpella series.

More of the facts about this soon to be released gadget is that Acer will give Wistron and Quanta the power to produced this device, I know you are wondering how would you know if your Calpella notebook is made by who just in case you’re playing favorites between Quanta and Wistron, for the 13 inch version Wistron will be the one manufacturing it and for the 14-15 inch it will be Quanta. This is Acer’s way to help the two companies boost their sales and shipment this 2010, how sweet…

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