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Taste iPhone5 with your own mouth

funny interesting amusing iphone5 ice cream design

Summer is coming iPhone5 doesn’t appear on the market yet, but never mind, let’s taste this iPhone5 ice cream for ourselves!

iPhone4S VS Barrett M82 – Weird tests of Apple’s products

weird odd strange bizarre crazy fun interesting surprising test apple products iphone

When Apple’s new products to market, which will suffer a variety of "mistreatment", it’s said that ratedrr with a Gatling gun had fired a white iPad 2. Recently, iPhone 4S was also ‘mistreated’ by ratedrr with a new weapon, Barrett M82’s armor-piercing incendiary, let’s have a look at the amazing moment of this odd test.

Edible pens with a variety of flavors

creative inspiration funny design Edible candy pens variety flavors

Some people always chews on pencils when they’re in a state of mental concentration, although it’s a thinking behavior, yet the graphite materials in pencils aren’t beneficial to our health, Dave Hakkens designed a series of edible pens inspired by putting candy and pens together. It has a variety of flavors: banana, watermelon, oranges, etc., […]

Portable luminary light bag

beautiful nightlife fashion unique nice attractive portal light bag feminine charm (3)

The night closes on the city and people begin the nightlife, how to find a way to make a difference? A stylish bag might achieve the desired effect. The design inspiration of this portable light bag is from the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona during design week. It’s made of translucent fibres, inside there’s an […]

Nike shoes is made into cool Speakers

weird odd crazy offbeat creative funny gadget geek products Nike shoes cool speaker (1)

Shoes & Hi-Fi enthusiasts pay attention please, a new product was born! Nike shoes has been by someone made into absolutely cool speakers, superb skills besides world’s top brands, don’t you think it has very good collection values? Or is it for playing PC basketball games? No matter what, let’s appreciate it firstly.         […]

The great notebooks that can make you flash into fame

cool funny design awesome different life notebooks safety inspection flash into fame (1)

Do you wanna experience a different life? Fine, Black series 4 notebooks from a Taiwan’s design studio can make you flash into fame in the security-check hall, with lifelike relief sculpture of arms, and the real metal pull ring, the alarm will absolutely work well when you go through the safety inspection, then you will […]

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