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Multi-functional iPhone case built in a similar manner as a Swiss army knife

amazing iphone gadget readycase multi functional case (1)

Multi-functional iPhone case named ReadyCase is built in a similar manner as a Swiss army knife, headphone clip, multi-angled kickstands, aftermarket lens ring, USB drive, and a multi-tool all fit within 3mm thick case. Source Promotional video of ReadyCase

Perhaps only Lamborghini’s tablet is good enough for your $ 300000 sport luxury sedan

most expensive deluxe luxury tablet Lamborghini L2800

Although the style of Lamborghini L2800 is stylish case, hardware equipped is mediocre, the expensive price of $ 2300 because of the use of sapphire crystal. Technical Details: 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 pixels resolution display 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor Android 2.3 gingerbread system (might have an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) […]

The world’s most expensive mobile phone at a price of € 1,000,000

luxury worlds most expensive mobile phone cellphone Guinness world Record

The most luxurious and expensive mobile phone, "Le Million" Piece Unique, had launched in Switzerland and broken the Guinness Book of Records, which is produced by a well-known Swiss luxury goods company – GoldVish Luxury Communications. It seems like a scimitar studded with VVS-1 grade diamonds. Goldvish "Le million" is designed by renowned designer Emmanuel […]

Convenient USB Ray Solar Charger For Portable Gadgets

usb portable convenient sunlight solar charger gadget cellphone (5)

Solar charging may not be a new idea, but this product is really convenient. The Ray solar charger, designed and developed by the Quirky community. Features: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3″ Battery storage is sufficient to fully charge a cell phone even at night as well Universal USB port Flexible suction cup can be placed […]

Awesome Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer

cool interesting surprising rare very funny design Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer (2)

Very funny Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer complete with a white plastic holster and the silvery barrel decorated with delicate pattern. This hair dryer doesn’t made of silver as it looks, just on the surface coated with a thin layer of silver, which is made of plastic in fact, so user needn’t worry about electrocution […]

Playing the harmonica with flash drive

funny creative cool great design music instrument gadget harmonica USB flash drive (3)

FlashHarp – harmonica USB flash drive. Harmonica and USB flash drive are being combined by designer, which is not only can be used to copy data, but also can play music of course, and with delicate and slim shape it looks very impressive; this digital music gadget is available in three models 2G, 4G and […]

Powerful HTC New Eden 1 Concept mobile smart phone

cool latest new advanced newest best HTC New Eden Concept mobile smartphone design

HTC New Eden 1 Concept is designed by Jason Wang, the most impressive feature of which is powerful hardware: TI OMAP 4 BASED, clocked at 1.2GHz, 4 inch 960×540 AMOLED touch screen, Sony IU10F2 camera module, 1.3 mega pixels front facing camera and LED flash, removable battery of 1700 MAH capacity, 1GB RAM and 16GB […]

Funny Concept Gadget – Wind Powered Watch – Just Blow On It

This concept watch named Eole is designed by Julien Moise, around the dial is the red propeller mechanism looks like a powerful engine, usually the time dial doesn’t display time, but when user blows on the propeller mechanism, which will be able to generate enough electricity to light up the icy blue display to read […]

Awesome flexible concept computer – Integral Cord

new cool awesome creative flexible future computer concept design technology

Regardless of desktop computer or laptop, both with the shape of traditional style, but this flexible concept computer ‘Integral Cord’ designed by Raphael Lang, Yu-Lin Hou and Stephen Chan Win Tak from Germany is absolutely refreshing, the designers integrate all the hardware devices into flexible coil. With the integral cord that acts as screen manipulator, […]

Cool gadget Mb 1210 mobile browser with the technology that components can be replaced and upgraded flexibly

high technology cool new gadget Mb 1210 mobile browser concept design (3)

Mb 1210 mobile browser not only in appearance attracts people’s attention, also the function that components can be replaced and upgraded flexibly is awesome. Its large screen can serve as a mobile browser and the latest energy saving technology is able to extend smart phone’s standby time efficiently. Speaker and shortcuts are at the side. […]

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