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iPhone wallet

cool design for iphone accessory gadget (4)

High quality leather wallet named BookBook looks like an old pocket-sized book has a case that is designed for protecting iPhone. Source Video

Interesting speaker looks an alarm clock alike

funny interesting bizarre weird design speaker sound box

Is this the alarm clock? It will be surprising if it’s placed next to a computer, in fact it’s speaker designed by Herman Lijmbach & Jasper De Leeuw, really interesting inspiration.

Imaginary iPhone 5

imaginative iPhone 5 appearance shape design (1)

People around the world have been speculating the shape of iPhone5, but Apple didn’t leak any information about it, and after iPhone4s, whether it’s called iPhone5 is even just a guess. Recently, someone designed the iPhone5 which looks like a mouse, I wonder if Apple fans will accept such a phone, maybe there’s actually no […]

Creative sculpture of the mushroom cloud of the A-bomb

amazing weird bizarre cool creative design sculpture mushroom cloud A-bomb tree house

Does it look much like the mushroom cloud of atomic bomb? But it’s actually a 6.4m sculpture, designed by American sculptor Dietrich Wegner, the top of which is a small house that children can play inside of and the functions is same as ordinary tree house. Dietrich Wegner deems that his work is a symbol […]

The prettiest Christmas lights you have ever seen!

amazing cool awesome wonderful excellent magic most beautiful prettiest Christmas lights (7)

British light designer, Bruce Munro, who brings a truly magical world for us, whose installation Field of Light in the grounds of the Holbourne Museum, Bath is a fantastic sea of lights that delicately changing colour in the darkness, it’s the most beautiful Christmas lights I’ve seen.  

Super cool earphones look like vampire’s tooth

super cool awesome inspired creative earphones bionics design (5)

Skullcandy earphones designed by Catherine Wong look like the human bone joints or even the vampire’s tooth. With bionics, the complex structure and unusual texture it has is incomparable for other earphones, with these joints the user can adjust the earphone flexibility to fit the curvature of their own, iPhone is around everywhere, however, owning […]

Detached water purifier that can be separated from the main body unit and moved freely

creative portable convenient clean drinking water purifying invention gadget design (2)

Jung Hoon Lee, a Korean designer, who created this water purifier product called P2, people can carry this detachable water-purifying jug and distribute clean water in accordance with hot or cold mode button, so that they don’t have to queue up for taking water from the main body, this design can be used in many […]

Handy and classy light for camping trip

inspirational funny swanky classy handy creative gadget tool design camping light trip

Human ancestors rubbed two twigs to make fire for cooking and light. Designer for Simple Artiface, Michael Kritzer, got inspiration from which and created a design named Lightstarter for your swanky and classy camping trip. It has an accelerometer embedded which determines how long of the emitting light depends on the time that user rub […]

MacBook Design Concept in 2020 by Tommaso Gecchelin

awesome cool high tech incredible nano macbook computer laptop design concept future (1)

Amazing Computer Concept in 2020, Apple MacBook circa, designed by Tommaso Gecchelin, which is as thin as a piece of paper and able to shift from metal to plastic. With molecular manufacturing and micro-lattice nano material, user can shrink its dimension to fit pocket. A holographic screen, infinite battery life, ultrasound waves for tactile feedback, […]

Awesome Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer

cool interesting surprising rare very funny design Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer (2)

Very funny Vintage Novelty Pistol Gun Hairdryer complete with a white plastic holster and the silvery barrel decorated with delicate pattern. This hair dryer doesn’t made of silver as it looks, just on the surface coated with a thin layer of silver, which is made of plastic in fact, so user needn’t worry about electrocution […]

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