Functional "Cloak of Invisibility"

true real Cloak of Invisibility (3)

Functional "Cloak of Invisibility" that can make people completely invisible had been developed by Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology and works without cameras, batteries, or mirrors. HyperStealth Biotechnology is a Canadian company that works on camouflage fabric, the Quantum Stealth material was designed by Guy Cramer, which can bend light waves around the subject ...

Multi-functional iPhone case built in a similar manner as a Swiss army knife

amazing iphone gadget readycase multi functional case (1)

Multi-functional iPhone case named ReadyCase is built in a similar manner as a Swiss army knife, headphone clip, multi-angled kickstands, aftermarket lens ring, USB drive, and a multi-tool all fit within 3mm thick case. Source Promotional video of ReadyCase

iPhone wallet

cool design for iphone accessory gadget (4)

High quality leather wallet named BookBook looks like an old pocket-sized book has a case that is designed for protecting iPhone. Source Video

Transform old Apple computers into aquariums

Apple computers mac imac Aquariums

With fish tanks, bright lights, and high quality filters that are in place of the screens, Jake Harms turned old Apple computers into aquariums that Apple fans would really like.

Perhaps only Lamborghini’s tablet is good enough for your $ 300000 sport luxury sedan

most expensive deluxe luxury tablet Lamborghini L2800

Although the style of Lamborghini L2800 is stylish case, hardware equipped is mediocre, the expensive price of $ 2300 because of the use of sapphire crystal. Technical Details: 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 pixels resolution display 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor Android 2.3 ...

Gold-plated P9981 by BlackBerry and Porsche

aureate gilded gold-plated Blackberry P9981 cellphone mobile phone

Blackberry P9981 is the product of BlackBerry and Porsche, the price of this 24ct gold-plated version is up to $ 7500, each device has its own number, and the limited edition logo. Customers can choose a different keyboard, for example, the QWERTY or QWERTZ, Arabic keyboard. The seller said the 10% of sales will be ...

The world’s most expensive mobile phone at a price of € 1,000,000

luxury worlds most expensive mobile phone cellphone Guinness world Record

The most luxurious and expensive mobile phone, "Le Million" Piece Unique, had launched in Switzerland and broken the Guinness Book of Records, which is produced by a well-known Swiss luxury goods company - GoldVish Luxury Communications. It seems like a scimitar studded with VVS-1 grade diamonds. Goldvish "Le million" is designed by renowned designer ...

Taste iPhone5 with your own mouth

funny interesting amusing iphone5 ice cream design

Summer is coming iPhone5 doesn't appear on the market yet, but never mind, let's taste this iPhone5 ice cream for ourselves!

Interesting speaker looks an alarm clock alike

funny interesting bizarre weird design speaker sound box

Is this the alarm clock? It will be surprising if it's placed next to a computer, in fact it's speaker designed by Herman Lijmbach & Jasper De Leeuw, really interesting inspiration.

Imaginary iPhone 5

imaginative iPhone 5 appearance shape design (1)

People around the world have been speculating the shape of iPhone5, but Apple didn’t leak any information about it, and after iPhone4s, whether it’s called iPhone5 is even just a guess. Recently, someone designed the iPhone5 which looks like a mouse, I wonder if Apple fans will accept such a phone, maybe there's actually no ...

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